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Say Hi to CalvinCWP_P_66.jpgModel Add289852_246843968683894_100000748796879_812618_2510366_o.jpgCWP_N_2.jpgCWP_I_6.jpgCWP_I_7.jpgturtlec15-CWP_N_1.jpgMistress awaits True Loveforevergoing to Daddyc8-CWP_P_35.jpg261660_181610618564456_179336415458543_477113_5543173_n.jpgangery beaverwater fallc67-220709_209320039102954_100000748796879_641054_983866_o.jpg172119_185783318123293_100000748796879_484553_330120_o.jpgLittle Angel219251_207699532598338_100000748796879_630928_7064848_o.jpg269721_191580084234176_179336415458543_511746_7457087_n.jpgCWP_I_2.jpgCWP_I_1.jpgCWP_I_5.jpg219685_203011823067109_100000748796879_596608_4133875_o.jpgCWP_I_13.jpgc57-261582_179406002118251_179336415458543_467185_223553_n.jpgc74-317336_217328758325975_179336415458543_597130_1350477606_n.jpgc64-309723_217335121658672_179336415458543_597203_2119590824_n.jpg296238_217328891659295_179336415458543_597131_1684656402_n.jpgc64-290590_246356045399353_100000748796879_810658_5334182_o.jpgc28-263006_179405572118294_179336415458543_467179_2893346_n.jpgc9-271070_179730852085766_179336415458543_469194_682347_n.jpg171743_189563137745311_100000748796879_507189_3437481_o.jpgc71-320210_217330388325812_179336415458543_597133_833628550_n.jpg219719_201663559868602_100000748796879_586623_7643959_o.jpgModel photos265118_187407011318150_179336415458543_498854_538105_n.jpg172778_189318274436464_100000748796879_505554_441960_o(2).jpg284846_199254170133434_179336415458543_535663_4778552_n.jpg264409_182684631790388_179336415458543_481823_1498896_n.jpgSenior PhotosMikeMy BroFamily Photos 2Family PhotosMy Brothersenior photos 2Model photos 2CWP_P_40.jpgCWP_P_37.jpgCWP_P_42.jpgCWP_P_26.jpgCWP_P_44.jpgCWP_P_32.jpgHopeWheel


Calvin is an amazing photographer and friend.
I am honored to be able to include a gallery of his work on my site.


“A world without photographs,
is like an ocean with out water.

Through the creation of Photographs,
Spirit becomes the ocean, full of life and love.”
~ Calvin~

To view more of his work, purchase prints or
hire him to do a photo shoot for you,contact him at his new site

His face book page

Or visit his Wild Life Journal


Calvin is a Great artist who uses the camera to capture the ” Wild “ and beautiful world of nature, animals and even people.

He has an incredible view of the world, and truly see’s life from a different angle, which he is able to capture with his Camera. If you talk to him he will tell you that he is driven to capture moments in time so that they can be shared forever.

He says that one of his goals is to make it affordable for people to have beautiful photos of  Nature, them self’s, family and friends. To him all his clients are models, and using nature as a backdrop to complement them in the best possible way, he brings out their true beauty.

His photos are the real deal, shot straight and perfect the first time, with the most amazing lighting.

I think what impresses me most about his photos is the sense of life and movement he achieves. He is a Master at getting just the right lighting and shadows, in every photo he takes. I have several of his photos that hang on my wall, it is a refreshing way to bring nature into the house and make it feel alive.

I really can’t say enough about Calvin
and how talented he is.
The fact is he has been a great
inspiration to me and also a great teacher.

I use photos as the starting point
on most of my pieces.
So his advice , encouragement, and words
has been priceless to me,
I think the results speak for them self.

Thanks Calvin