About the Art and Artist

Duane is a long time resident of Sedona and the Verde valley area. When he was a child his parents, who were Pentecostal ministers, accepted a mission and moved their family of four children to the reservation to convert the native people. This was one of many moves over the first 16 years of his life. It was while living on the Mohave and Navajo reservations that he discovered his talent as an Empath, spiritual intuitive, clairvoyant as well as his other gifts. While on the reservation he was given an opportunity to study with native healers and learn a different perspective on the universe as a whole. Using this teaching and his empathic capacity to act as a catalyst, he has helped to change lives of many people around him.

In 1991 he moved to Colorado where he experienced a change in the way he perceived and worked with the energy patterns around him. He realized that there was no need to connect to or direct energy because the connection was already there and needed no direction. He simply needed to observe, recognize and allow the possibility of change in energy for it to occur. Another realization that occurred at this time was that it is “the questions we ask that contain our answers.” It was from this insight that the concept of having a simple conversation could be more powerful then doing an intuitive reading. A simple conversation can reveal information that will inspire great possibilities for change.

In 2008 while listening to the CD on the Universal Frequencies, he had an “experience” which was like going into Hyper drive, he saw flashes of images and experienced sound as well as smell with each image. Just for one instant he entertained the thought that he would like to be able to share this experience with others. That night he woke up sitting in front of his computer looking at an image, this experience continued for the next 3 weeks and brought about the set of color images he now calls, “The Art of Frequency.”

He began to share the images in early 2009 and the response from people was that when exposed to the images, they have amazing responses to the hidden frequencies and sacred geometry in the Art. It seemed to speak to their spirit, body and mind in a subtle way and helped to clarify and accelerate changes in people’s lives. He has since learned to drop into the creative hyper drive state, and the images have become more complex and brilliant in nature. The images are a unique combination of Fractal Art, Photography, Sacred Geometry and Frequencies. Most of the images created start life as photos of nature with the fractal light patterns brought out of the photo its self.

In early 2012 Duane began creating one of a kind energy essence Art and messages for his friends and clients around the world. The response was phenomenal individual pieces speak to the client’s personally and the messages confirmed the direction in which they were headed. Following Duane’s advice that exposure to the Art pieces would allow the body, mind and spirit to respond to and make changes because of the sacred geometry and frequencies encoded in each piece. Clients placed the images on their Computers, and had them printed and hung on their walls, so they could be exposed often. After a short period, they reported back that huge shifts and changes had occurred in their lives as if some unknown force had been activated in their life.

In August of 2012 Duane began to release a set of 10 Art Pieces he called the Activation Series. Like Crop circles he believes they contain coded information that helps to activate the spirit of transformation, within each of us. The Activation series is offered as free downloads on his website blog

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for more information on his personal art pieces and reading use this link. http://www.artoffrequency.com/669-2/

to schedule a 30 min or 1 hr reading use this link http://duaneredwolf.com/