About the Art and Artist

My name is Duane and I have lived in Sedona, Arizona for 30 years. Up until now, I have primarily been a “bead artist.” I have always loved the feel and colors of beads and what can be done with different stitches. As I have a great love of animals, they have become the main focus of my work using them as the subject matter. Most of my beaded work is used as a giveaway or for ceremonial pieces. However, I do sell some of the bead patterns on my website http://www.dreamlizarddesigns.com.

In February of 2009, a friend suggested I read the book, Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND. After reading this book, I then purchased the audio box set, The Matrix Energetics Experience. While listening to the CD on the Universal Frequencies, I had an “experience” which brought about the set of color images I created, and now call, “The Art of Frequency.”

While listening to the CD, what happened was both funny and amazing. I am a clairvoyant and have dealt with vibrations and energy all my life, but I have never had them turn off my CD player or the TV in another room. Once I adjusted the levels of each Frequency, both the TV and the CD player came back on. There was no electrical surge or power outage to explain the phenomenon. This happened several other times over the next few days while I played the CD.

Thinking that perhaps there was a message I was not getting, I played the CD again; and this time, I experienced smells, sounds, and images with the different Frequencies. If only I could recreate these images, I thought, and I could share them with others!

A few days later while at work and out of sheer boredom, I decided to “play” with my graphic software and make a desktop background hoping to capture the Frequency images from my “experience.” As I started, I felt the energy in the room shift and then I became giddy and lightheaded. So I jokingly asked, “So what can I do for you today?”

It was like I went into hyper drive: thirty minutes later, I had an image completed on my computer. This same hyper drive energy happened three other times over the next week, sometimes waking me at two in the morning, to turn on the computer and create. After a week, I had seven images completed, and I was amazed at how they had turned out.

I decided to share the images with four of my friends who had attended the Matrix Energetics seminars. I only told them they were new desktop backgrounds I was working on. I was amazed when each said the images reminded them of the Universal Frequencies of Matrix Energetics.

Over the next five weeks, twenty-two images were created. I then placed them on my desktop to change every five minutes. I work at the front desk of a resort in Sedona and have my personal computer behind my desk where no one can see it. It has been fun to watch the reaction of people, who can’t see the images change, but feel something change in the room and don’t know why or what it is. They look at me and sheepishly ask, “This may sound crazy, but did you just feel something change in the room?” I just laugh, say yes, and tell them, “Welcome to Sedona and the ever-changing Universe.”

At the urging of my friends, I have put the twenty-two Frequency images into a set to be used as desktop wallpaper