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Frequency is everywhere, it surrounds us, it penetrates us,
it is who and what we really are.
It is light, sound,  movement and emotion. I can be as solid as earth,
as fluid as water,
or even as illusive as the wind.
In short Frequency is the art by which we create
experience the matrix we call our world.

~Duane Miles~ aka “RedWolf”


~”If you wish to understand the Universe, think of
Energy,  frequency and Vibration.”~

~Nikola Tesla~


The Art that you see here is an attempt by myself and other
to share how  Frequency and  Sacred Geometry shows up for us.
In  our Photos, our jewelry,
our patterns of light  and our Fractal Art.
Everything you see is a sacred part of our self , which we have
have chosen to share with the world.




Some of the Images on this site are my personal
interpretation of the Universal Frequencies

described by DR Richard Bartlett in his
book and other material.
You can read the story of their creation in the
About the Art and Artist  section of this site

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